Our service

We are offering:
- Roulette - Black Jack - Slot Machines (One-Armed Bandit) and all other current casino games and attractions. (like Poker, Baccara, Seven Eleven (Dice Games))
We also offer:
Logistics: Delivery to and from your location, along with assembly and dismantling.
Prizes: We provide advice on prizes and provide you with give-aways in all price categories.
Game concepts: You can choose which game concepts you want to play, we offer different competitions.
Descriptions: All of our games come with free instructions.
Catering Service: We can organize catering services for up to 200 persons.



The french game Roulette was initially inventend in Monte-Carlo. It's also known as "the big wheel" and played all over the world

It is a very fascinating game. The Coupier rolls a number between 0 and 36 with help of a ball and the roulette wheel.

At the beginning of every game you have to decide on which number the ball will fall. Your bet is made placing jetons on the so called tableu according to your decision on the numbers 0 - 36.

You win the bet when the ball lands on your chosen number. If the ball lands anywhere else you lose.

Black Jack

Black jack is also known as 21 or 17+4! Blackjack is pure excitement! Thus from the very beginning a true classic among all card games.
Try it yourself and decide if you want to draw another card to get closer to the 21 as the coupier.
Blackjack is dynamic, fascinating and easy to understand. A must have for every casino event!

Texas Hold'em Poker

This is a person to person game which awards it its charme.

Strategy, Psychology and Skill are needed.
When you are able to impose against many others in a poker game you can win a good prize money, which gives you a good feeling.

Slots (One-Armed Bandits)

Like in Las Vegas or in Monacco you can play on our different slots just as the fancy takes you in our EventCasino.

With a pocket full of tokens you can try to break our bountiful prize pot.

In our gallery you can have a look at some of the originals of our one-armed bandits we can provide.

Roulette XXL

Roulette is a often booked event game for exhibitions, product shows and promotions.
You can spin your luck yourself!

On every event you get a free introduction to every game.

We ONLY work with prizes in kind. (non-cash prizes).

JOBS Event-Croupier

We offer Event-Coupier trainings!
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested: kontakt@rentcasino.de


We predominantly offer or services in the german speaking countries, but upon request we offer our services througout Europe too. Right down below you can see a small cutout of our references.

  • Adolf Würth GmbH - Künzelsau (D)
  • McKinsey & Company Inc. - Düsseldorf (D)
  • ZDF - Terra X press Aufnahmen (D)
  • Un esatate Italiana in Wels (A)
  • Banks of New York ( Citybank)
  • Kaimann GmbH - Hövelhof (D)
  • Gymnasium Mülheim a.d.R.(007 Poker Party) (D)
  • Dancing Vegas in Essen (D)
  • Casino Royale Party (Patricias Volljährigkeit) (D)
  • Medivital Bergheim (D)
  • Claretti Entertainment Braunschweig (D)
  • Firma Hörmann - Türen, Toren, Zargen - Steinhagen (D)
  • Firma Atos - Paderborn (D)
  • Schloss Rheinfels - St. Goar (D)
  • Kleffmann - Münster (D)
  • Karl-Thiel GmbH - Paderborn (D)
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm - Düsseldorf (D)
  • framework GmbH - Köln (D)
  • Kamp Hotels Duhnen - Cuxhaven (D)
  • Hotel Traube - Friedrichshafen (D)
  • Innside - Düsseldorf (D)
  • Gotthardt Informationssysteme - Osnabrück (D)
  • Schlömer - Recklinghausen (D)
  • Stadtwerke Iserlohn (D)
  • SIL-Erwitte (D)
  • Sparkasse (D)
  • Event Vision GmbH - Arnsberg (D)
  • Maritim Hotel - Grafschaft / Schmallenberg (D)
  • Gottfried - Osnabrück (D)
  • Premium-Residenz Grafenberger Wald - Düsseldorf (D)
  • Kongresshaus Bad Ischl (AT)
  • ...

    Upon your request we print your gambling money, jetons and tables with your logo.

    We offer our services especially for promotion-tours and charity events for your business.
    We ONLY work with prizes in kind (no cash prizes!).

    Please contact us for a personal offer.
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    Play responsible

    Gambling can be addictive!

    Thus attending our events is only allowed over the age of 18 years
    Gambling with real money isn't possible at our events. We only use prizes in kind!

    You can get more information at www.check-dein-spiel.de or at www.spielen-mit-verantwortung.de
    (Provided to you by Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung BZgA - Information is currently only available in German)



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